On my mission to explore my entire neighbourhood here in Oslo I found this lovely little Focacceria. Although the place is not big, they sell a good variety of focaccia – plain or with pizza style toppings.
The classic version comes either with rosemary and salt or with tomatoes, olives and thyme. The toppings vary from vegetables and cheese to ham and sausage. Everything is made freshly and you can even buy ingredients for making your own pizza at home.
In fact that’s what we are doing tonight: (Trying to) make our own focaccia :)

Focacceria Oslo Grünerløkka


An evening by the fjord

So nice to spend those long Norwegian evenings by the sea. Finally summer is here and everyone is outside enjoying the good weather. The sun sets really late these days and even when it does the sky still  is never completely black.
Yesterday we spent our evening at Aker Brygge, the pier in the center, with a glass of beer and a huge portion of prawns. Absolutely delicious!
How are you spending those lovely summer days?

Norwegian prawns
Fresh prawns from the sea

Aker Brygge Oslo



After a month in Oslo I am still busy exploring the city and our district Grünerløkka. There is always something going on and so much to see. A lot of little independent shops, galleries, cafés, bars and international food shops with delicious, exotic goods.
Today it has been pretty grey, so we just did some weekend shopping which always ends up in a little tour through the district with some stops for coffee and food tasting at Mathallen.
Today we discovered a nice little café called Kolonihagen that serves cake, warm food and sell organic groceries. The atmosphere is really cozy thanks to the old wooden walls and furniture that are combined with some modern decoration. Next door you can also find the Kolonihagen restaurant which has a different menu and dinner options with several courses. Definitely something to check out soon!

Kolonihagen in Oslo, Grünerløkka. More stores to be found in Hamar, Tønsberg and Frogner.
Kolonihagen in Oslo, Grünerløkka. More stores to be found in Hamar, Tønsberg and Frogner.

photo 2-2

Cafés in Oslo

Organic food Oslo

Hello from Oslo

Just a quick hello from Oslo! We moved here almost 3 weeks ago and have been pretty busy decorating and unpacking. Now almost everything is done and I will have more time to post again.

We absolutely love Oslo and especially our district so far. Tomorrow I will experience my first Norwegian National Day. Can’t wait!


Tea candles
Always the first thing for me when decorating: Candles :) Will show you more of the new place soon!

Quick stop in London

A lot of exciting stuff happening at the moment: Last week we prepared for our move to Oslo and now we are on our way there.

But in between we had a stop in London for a wedding. It has been an amazing weekend with lots of sun, a good party and little sleep ;)

Now we have almost arrived in our new home. Can’t wait to unpack all the boxes and start decorating tomorrow! What did you get up to this weekend?

Wedding London
Dress: Vero Moda / Shoes: Tamaris

Spring is here

Finally it is getting warmer here in Norway and the sun doesn’t set before 9.30 p.m.
Life seems to be easier at once – everyone is spending time outside and all the cafés and bars by the waterfront are crowded.
Of course it was time for our first BBQ on the beach this week. It was still a bit chilly, but at least we had this amazing view:

Beaches in Norway
Sola Beach, Stavanger

BBQ on the beach

Sunset by the sea

Cocktail recipe: Hugo

For those of you who are German or Austrian, Hugo might have been your go-to drink for the last 5 years anyway. However, after (unsuccessfully) trying to order this drink in several other places in the world, I gave up.

Until one of my friends here in Norway, who is Austrian, organised a Hugo night last weekend and we were glad that the other guests from Finland, Norway, Sweden, Croatia, France and England enjoyed this drink just as much as we did.

All you need for a Hugo are these ingredients in a white wine glass:

– 2 cl elderflower syrup
– 150 ml Prosecco / sparkling wine
– fresh mint leaves
(If you like you can top it of with some sparkling water)

It’s absolutely delicious and really refreshing on sunny days outside.

What’s your favourite drink?

Hugo cocktail

Royal Blue

For a while I really have been struggling with the colour royal blue. And although blue is my favourite colour in general, I really tried to avoid this particular shade for some reason.
I was circling royal blue clothes in the shop, tried something on every now and then and finally decided I would pass on this trend. Until I saw this: The blazer from Selected caught my attention immediately and is now one of my favourite pieces from my everyday wardrobe. Combined with neutral and light shades and some gold jewellery I think the blazer looks quite cool and edgy.
After a dark and grey Norwegian winter it feels nice to have some loud colours on me after all. What’s your favourite spring colour?

Royal blue blazer

spring colour

photo 3

Blazer: Selected Femme / Earrings and necklace: H&M
Blazer and top: Selected Femme / Earrings and necklace: H&M

(Photos by Theresia Pauls)


Coffee break

I know I haven’t posted much in the last few weeks but am determined to do so more frequently again from now on. So today I went to see my friend Theresia for some coffee and chiz-chat in her amazingly stylish studio. She took a few photos of me and some new fashion items I’ve been meaning to show you guys for ages. The photos are coming up tomorrow – meanwhile have a look at this beautiful photo studio that always inspires me to take a few pictures myself.



3 Scandinavian furniture stores (that are NOT Ikea)

Don’t get me wrong! I love Ikea – to a point where I used to get everything from there without even considering any other brands. But living in Scandinavia with all its amazing furniture and decoration design has given me the chance to look at some other brands and stores.

The 3 furniture / decoration brands presented here are actually all Danish and widely spread all over Scandinavia, but can also be found in many other European countries and some of them even all over the world. Danish design is always functional, puristic and beautiful at the same time. Some of the iconic pieces from the 1950s are back in fashion and go with almost anything.

Check out BoConcept, Bolia and Erik Jørgensen!

Danish Design

BoConcept / Bolia / Erik Jørgensen


A week at home

Two days ago I came back from a week in my hometown Düsseldorf. Was so nice to see all my friends and family again and of course try out some new places to have food and drinks at.

My new favourite café I was introduced to by a friend is definitely Uhlenbusch. After a quiet breakfast there the place was buzzing during lunchtime and I heard that in the evenings dinner is served by a chef who deserves at least one star.

I think Uhlenbusch has the right amount of  “Berlin style” mixed with some really delicious and traditional snacks.

Kaffee Uhlenbusch
Klosterstraße 34
40211 Düsseldorf

Uhlenbusch Düsseldorf
Breakfast at Uhlenbusch

Café Düsseldorf

Baby feet

Thanks to the amazing luxury treatment I had last week, my feet are a softer than ever. Included was an additional foot and leg massage and of course a nice chat with foot therapist and beautician Bianca.
If you live in Stavanger or close, you should definitely book an appointment with her.
She does amazing work (including face treatments) at really good rates. Scroll down to view Bianca’s flyer and prices.

photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 14.20.38



Tea time

Feeling quite exhausted but so happy after a weekend in at home in Germany.

Was amazing to see my family and best friends, party a bit and have this lovely tea time at my friend’s very stylish place. I like how she combines new and vintage and managed to bake this delicious cake for us in only 30 minutes!

key lime cake
Key Lime cake. Yummy!

tea time


Sushi night

Well, isn’t Sushi always a good idea? And especially since I have moved to Norway I enjoy it even more. Fish is always fresher when you live close to the sea.
My favourite place here is Sabi Sushi and in case you live in Stavanger, Sandnes, Kristiansand, Bryne or Haugesund you have the chance to get your sushi for only 100 NOK. The offer is valid until Sunday.Sabi sushi



Bread & Salt

On my way to a housewarming party. In Germany and some other countries it is an old tradition to give bread and salt to a person that has just moved to a new home.  It comes from back in the days when these two things were the most important basic foods and is supposed to bring sedentary, prosperity and fertility (haha!). I guess today we just do it for good luck and because you can actually make something that simple look really nice.

I like getting my salt and bread gift at delicacy stores where they sell special salt blends and flavoured breads. Nicely wrapped et voilà!

Bread & salt from Oliviers & Co.

House hunting in Oslo

It is official: Me and my boyfriend will be moving to Oslo this Spring. I am so excited! Yesterday we looked at some flats and they were absolutely amazing. There are many old buildings with a lot of character in Oslo and the Norwegians are very good at making you feel at home during open house viewings, including perfect decoration and cinnamon snails ;)





There is nothing better than starting the day with a strong coffee and a good book. Lately I have been all about thrillers and crime genre in general. This book that I borrowed from a friend is actually a classic already, only I hadn’t got around to reading it yet. Creepy stuff, I’m telling you.

I am reading this in German but the original title is “The Chemistry of Death”. Have you read it or anything else by this author that you could reccommend?

“The Chemistry of Death” by Simon Beckett


I think Rituals is the only brand whose packaging I like so much that I postpone using the products for as long as I can. Instead I like keeping them lined up in my bathroom and just enjoy looking at them.
But after about 5 weeks of decorating the room with the shower products, I finally decided to use these amazing Christmas gifts.

The orange range (called “Laughing Buddha ritual”) looks like wellness and it delivers just that. Even the smell of it makes you relax and the products make your skin so smooth and hydrated.

Have you tried Rituals yet? What is your favourite product?


Rituals shower oil
Rituals Happy Buddha foaming shower gel sensation / Fortune Oil caring shower oil


Not that it was anywhere near to warm enough for wearing short sleaves when I took these pictures, but I really wanted to show you this baby pink, silky top that I got from Topshop recently.
I like that it is so minimal and yet has a special detail on the back, which makes it perfect for any occasion.

Do you have a favourite piece in your wardrobe that you like to wear anytime and anyplace?


Jewellery H&M
Top: Topshop / Bracelets and necklace: H&M


Hitchcock movie style icons (or why the 50s are back)

I have always been a fan of old movies. And some weeks ago when we couldn’t decide what to watch, Hitchcock came up as an idea.
And don’t we all like his work: The Birds, Vertigo and Psycho are absolute classics. Blonde women with red lips and overly bold eyebrows fainting dramatically when presented to unspeakable horror. You got to love the 1950s!
But wait – does that really sound so old-fashioned? Alright, no one really faints anymore but the style of these ladies? I think make-up wise….the 50s are totally back!
Look at these female leads from Hitchcock classics and see for yourself!

Eva Marie Saint actress
Eva Marie Saint
Grace Kelly style icon
Grace Kelly
Kim Novak Vertigo
Kim Novak
Janet Leigh Psycho
Janet Leigh
Tippi Hedren



Reindeer gloves

I think January is officially the coldest month in most European countries. While we had a really mild December here in Norway, it is getting really chilly now with minus temperatures.
In my opinion there is no better way to get through this weather than with the right accessories – that keep you warm and look good.
That is why I love my new reindeer gloves!

A beach walk with my new reindeer gloves


woolen gloves