Hitchcock movie style icons (or why the 50s are back)

I have always been a fan of old movies. And some weeks ago when we couldn’t decide what to watch, Hitchcock came up as an idea.
And don’t we all like his work: The Birds, Vertigo and Psycho are absolute classics. Blonde women with red lips and overly bold eyebrows fainting dramatically when presented to unspeakable horror. You got to love the 1950s!
But wait – does that really sound so old-fashioned? Alright, no one really faints anymore but the style of these ladies? I think make-up wise….the 50s are totally back!
Look at these female leads from Hitchcock classics and see for yourself!

Eva Marie Saint actress
Eva Marie Saint
Grace Kelly style icon
Grace Kelly
Kim Novak Vertigo
Kim Novak
Janet Leigh Psycho
Janet Leigh
Tippi Hedren



Reindeer gloves

I think January is officially the coldest month in most European countries. While we had a really mild December here in Norway, it is getting really chilly now with minus temperatures.
In my opinion there is no better way to get through this weather than with the right accessories – that keep you warm and look good.
That is why I love my new reindeer gloves!

A beach walk with my new reindeer gloves


woolen gloves

A little bit of Spring

…at least in our flat. Outside there was a Hurricane yesterday, so bad that people were advised to stay at home.

Makes it even nicer to have a

spring flower inside that is about to bloom. I got it from my boyfriend and I don’t even know what kind of plant it is…hopefully something with colourful petals!



A simple T-Shirt

Over the past few months I have often been reaching for rather masculine looking T-Shirts, even from my boyfriend’s wardrobe. And no, not only for chilling on the sofa, but to actually combine with my daily outfit. I think a baggy top with super tight pants can look really cool and laid-back.

Some weeks ago my friend, photographer Theresia Pauls, asked me to wear this lovely red T-Shirt from Grana for a photo shoot. Of course I was thrilled!

I really like Theresia’s style because of the vivid colours and brightness. And red lipstick and top were perfect for a grey winter day in Norway.

Check Theresia out here for contact and bookings!

Red T-Shirt

Red T-Shirt Grana





Healthy avocado snack

My favourite snack these days is this delicious healthy sandwich.

All you need for it is a slice of rye bread,  1 sliced avocado, cherry tomatoes and if you like, you can top it off with both a tea spoon of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Sprinkle some pepper and sea salt over it and you are done.

This is really easy, absolutely healthy and the best thing is, you won’t be hungry for hours.

Avocado Sandwich

Pardon my French

Recently one of my wardrobes favourites has been my new top from Gina Tricot.
I have always loved tops with messages and the Gina Tricot ones are particularly comfy to wear and easy to match for any occasion.
I have worn it with high heels on nights out and with sneakers and jeans at daytime.
In this case I have chosen something in between: A black skirt and oversized cardigan with medium heel ankle boots.

Gina Tricot
MercY beaucoup – And pardon my French
Top: Gina Tricot / Cardigan: Gina Tricot / Skirt: Vero Moda: Ankle boots: Buffalo London / Bag: Picard

Bag Picard

New earrings

Time has gone so fast. After 5 wonderful days in England we are back in Norway. Was so nice to spend all day outside in mostly sunny weather. Cornwall is full of beautiful beaches and beautiful jewellery. As a belated Christmas present I received a pair of really stunning silver earrings from Pure Silver Design.


Earrings: Pure Silver Design