Sushi night

Well, isn’t Sushi always a good idea? And especially since I have moved to Norway I enjoy it even more. Fish is always fresher when you live close to the sea.
My favourite place here is Sabi Sushi and in case you live in Stavanger, Sandnes, Kristiansand, Bryne or Haugesund you have the chance to get your sushi for only 100 NOK. The offer is valid until Sunday.Sabi sushi



Bread & Salt

On my way to a housewarming party. In Germany and some other countries it is an old tradition to give bread and salt to a person that has just moved to a new home.  It comes from back in the days when these two things were the most important basic foods and is supposed to bring sedentary, prosperity and fertility (haha!). I guess today we just do it for good luck and because you can actually make something that simple look really nice.

I like getting my salt and bread gift at delicacy stores where they sell special salt blends and flavoured breads. Nicely wrapped et voilà!

Bread & salt from Oliviers & Co.

House hunting in Oslo

It is official: Me and my boyfriend will be moving to Oslo this Spring. I am so excited! Yesterday we looked at some flats and they were absolutely amazing. There are many old buildings with a lot of character in Oslo and the Norwegians are very good at making you feel at home during open house viewings, including perfect decoration and cinnamon snails ;)





There is nothing better than starting the day with a strong coffee and a good book. Lately I have been all about thrillers and crime genre in general. This book that I borrowed from a friend is actually a classic already, only I hadn’t got around to reading it yet. Creepy stuff, I’m telling you.

I am reading this in German but the original title is “The Chemistry of Death”. Have you read it or anything else by this author that you could reccommend?

“The Chemistry of Death” by Simon Beckett


I think Rituals is the only brand whose packaging I like so much that I postpone using the products for as long as I can. Instead I like keeping them lined up in my bathroom and just enjoy looking at them.
But after about 5 weeks of decorating the room with the shower products, I finally decided to use these amazing Christmas gifts.

The orange range (called “Laughing Buddha ritual”) looks like wellness and it delivers just that. Even the smell of it makes you relax and the products make your skin so smooth and hydrated.

Have you tried Rituals yet? What is your favourite product?


Rituals shower oil
Rituals Happy Buddha foaming shower gel sensation / Fortune Oil caring shower oil


Not that it was anywhere near to warm enough for wearing short sleaves when I took these pictures, but I really wanted to show you this baby pink, silky top that I got from Topshop recently.
I like that it is so minimal and yet has a special detail on the back, which makes it perfect for any occasion.

Do you have a favourite piece in your wardrobe that you like to wear anytime and anyplace?


Jewellery H&M
Top: Topshop / Bracelets and necklace: H&M