Quick stop in London

A lot of exciting stuff happening at the moment: Last week we prepared for our move to Oslo and now we are on our way there.

But in between we had a stop in London for a wedding. It has been an amazing weekend with lots of sun, a good party and little sleep ;)

Now we have almost arrived in our new home. Can’t wait to unpack all the boxes and start decorating tomorrow! What did you get up to this weekend?

Wedding London
Dress: Vero Moda / Shoes: Tamaris

Spring is here

Finally it is getting warmer here in Norway and the sun doesn’t set before 9.30 p.m.
Life seems to be easier at once – everyone is spending time outside and all the cafés and bars by the waterfront are crowded.
Of course it was time for our first BBQ on the beach this week. It was still a bit chilly, but at least we had this amazing view:

Beaches in Norway
Sola Beach, Stavanger

BBQ on the beach

Sunset by the sea

Cocktail recipe: Hugo

For those of you who are German or Austrian, Hugo might have been your go-to drink for the last 5 years anyway. However, after (unsuccessfully) trying to order this drink in several other places in the world, I gave up.

Until one of my friends here in Norway, who is Austrian, organised a Hugo night last weekend and we were glad that the other guests from Finland, Norway, Sweden, Croatia, France and England enjoyed this drink just as much as we did.

All you need for a Hugo are these ingredients in a white wine glass:

– 2 cl elderflower syrup
– 150 ml Prosecco / sparkling wine
– fresh mint leaves
(If you like you can top it of with some sparkling water)

It’s absolutely delicious and really refreshing on sunny days outside.

What’s your favourite drink?

Hugo cocktail

Royal Blue

For a while I really have been struggling with the colour royal blue. And although blue is my favourite colour in general, I really tried to avoid this particular shade for some reason.
I was circling royal blue clothes in the shop, tried something on every now and then and finally decided I would pass on this trend. Until I saw this: The blazer from Selected caught my attention immediately and is now one of my favourite pieces from my everyday wardrobe. Combined with neutral and light shades and some gold jewellery I think the blazer looks quite cool and edgy.
After a dark and grey Norwegian winter it feels nice to have some loud colours on me after all. What’s your favourite spring colour?

Royal blue blazer

spring colour

photo 3

Blazer: Selected Femme / Earrings and necklace: H&M
Blazer and top: Selected Femme / Earrings and necklace: H&M

(Photos by Theresia Pauls)


Coffee break

I know I haven’t posted much in the last few weeks but am determined to do so more frequently again from now on. So today I went to see my friend Theresia for some coffee and chiz-chat in her amazingly stylish studio. She took a few photos of me and some new fashion items I’ve been meaning to show you guys for ages. The photos are coming up tomorrow – meanwhile have a look at this beautiful photo studio that always inspires me to take a few pictures myself.