Book tip: Gone Girl

I am just sitting outside in the sun reading “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn. I have to finish the last pages because tonight I am going to watch the movie.

The story revolves around the main character Nick Dunne whose wife goes missing on their fifth wedding anniversary. The novel made it to the New York Times Beststeller list soon after its release in 2012. No wonder – this psychological thriller leaves you tense from page one.

Have you read “Gone Girl” yet or watched the movie? What did you think?


Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn


Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn


  1. I finished reading it last week and I loved it! I was a little disappointed with the ending though but I guess that is just because it isn’t traditional. What did you think once you had finished it? xx

    • Bettysays:

      Hey Jess! I was shocked at the end! Didn’t expect that at all and keep wondering what could happen next. So now I’m secretly hoping for “Gone Girl pt. 2″ ;) xx

  2. I loved gone girl, I found it a bit slow to begin with but by half way through I had to finish it that night. I thought the film was great too. Did you manage to finish the book?

    • Bettysays:

      I did, Sophie :) And I loved the film. I think they did a pretty good job creating this dark atmosphere!

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