After a month in Oslo I am still busy exploring the city and our district Grünerløkka. There is always something going on and so much to see. A lot of little independent shops, galleries, cafés, bars and international food shops with delicious, exotic goods.
Today it has been pretty grey, so we just did some weekend shopping which always ends up in a little tour through the district with some stops for coffee and food tasting at Mathallen.
Today we discovered a nice little café called Kolonihagen that serves cake, warm food and sell organic groceries. The atmosphere is really cozy thanks to the old wooden walls and furniture that are combined with some modern decoration. Next door you can also find the Kolonihagen restaurant which has a different menu and dinner options with several courses. Definitely something to check out soon!

Kolonihagen in Oslo, Grünerløkka. More stores to be found in Hamar, Tønsberg and Frogner.
Kolonihagen in Oslo, Grünerløkka. More stores to be found in Hamar, Tønsberg and Frogner.

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Cafés in Oslo

Organic food Oslo

3 Scandinavian furniture stores (that are NOT Ikea)

Don’t get me wrong! I love Ikea – to a point where I used to get everything from there without even considering any other brands. But living in Scandinavia with all its amazing furniture and decoration design has given me the chance to look at some other brands and stores.

The 3 furniture / decoration brands presented here are actually all Danish and widely spread all over Scandinavia, but can also be found in many other European countries and some of them even all over the world. Danish design is always functional, puristic and beautiful at the same time. Some of the iconic pieces from the 1950s are back in fashion and go with almost anything.

Check out BoConcept, Bolia and Erik Jørgensen!

Danish Design

BoConcept / Bolia / Erik Jørgensen


New earrings

Time has gone so fast. After 5 wonderful days in England we are back in Norway. Was so nice to spend all day outside in mostly sunny weather. Cornwall is full of beautiful beaches and beautiful jewellery. As a belated Christmas present I received a pair of really stunning silver earrings from Pure Silver Design.


Earrings: Pure Silver Design

Danish Design by LIND DNA

Last weekend I picked up yet another beautiful Danish Design home decor accessory. Or better: It was four them. Coasters made of optimized recycled leather by LIND DNA.

They came in this case with a little introduction of the company (read below). Pretty cool, I think!


lind dna

lind dna

lind dna
Leather coasters



How to always find your keys

When I was still living in my place in Germany, I would just leave my key in the front door whenever I came home. Because of that I always knew where my keys were and I never forgot them when I left the house.

This little trick doesn’t work with only one door lock and two people in the house. Ever since I moved in with my boyfriend in Norway, we both kept our keys in different places each day and sometimes couldn’t find them.

There is a perfect solution that looks pretty as well. The Duo Sparrow Key Ring by Qualy. Keep them on the wall close to the door and put your key in when you step in.

Do you have any tricks to find your key? Where do you keep yours?

Duo Sparrow Key Ring by Qualy with an included whistle ;)

Bird key holders


Because nature inspires

I love Scandinavian style when it comes to decoration – cause it’s so simple and minimalistic. Even better if it’s made of recycled materials and fair trade at the same time.

The “Oohh – Because Nature Inspires” collection by the Danish company Lübech Living is made by women from Sri Lanka who work from home, so they can take of their children.

I got this creased alu pot today. Isn’t it pretty?

Creased Alu pot
Creased Alu pot
Oohh Collection


Fair trade, Scandinavian Style
Oohh Collection by Lübech Living


Stavanger Streetart Pt. 1: Geopark

Since there is a lot of amazing graffiti in Stavanger I thought I’d do a post with some pictures to show you guys. I started with a place called Geopark, located outside the city’s oil museum.

It’s a playground made of  resources from the offshore oil industry and is a project by Helen & Hard  build in 2008. All objects are decorated with graffiti. I think it looks so cool!

Graffiti at Geopark next to the oil museum in Stavanger, Norway


All materials come from the offshore oil industry
Graffiti with a sea view


Sorry guys! I cropped out all the parts that show it actually is a playground cause obviously I don’t want to upload photos of stranger’s kids without asking


Why Norway doesn’t need Starbucks

All you need is love… and a good cup of coffee. This is what it said on one of the blackboards at Steamkaffebar where I had an Iced Café Latte today. I have always wondered why there is no Starbucks in Norway but now I know. It’s these little cafés that make it absolutely unnecesary. Scroll down and see for yourself…

Iced café latte
Iced café latte


I love the decoration in Norwegian cafés
I love the decoration in Norwegian cafés
Candles and magazines
Candles and magazines

Brunch and interior design

Yet another thing I love about Norway is how much attention they pay to details here. Every café has its own style and special decoration.

Today we had brunch at Ostehuset. Not only do they serve amazing fresh food, but you can buy lots of different home decor things.

Cups, plates and glasses


Porcelain dishes