On my mission to explore my entire neighbourhood here in Oslo I found this lovely little Focacceria. Although the place is not big, they sell a good variety of focaccia – plain or with pizza style toppings.
The classic version comes either with rosemary and salt or with tomatoes, olives and thyme. The toppings vary from vegetables and cheese to ham and sausage. Everything is made freshly and you can even buy ingredients for making your own pizza at home.
In fact that’s what we are doing tonight: (Trying to) make our own focaccia :)

Focacceria Oslo Grünerløkka


An evening by the fjord

So nice to spend those long Norwegian evenings by the sea. Finally summer is here and everyone is outside enjoying the good weather. The sun sets really late these days and even when it does the sky still  is never completely black.
Yesterday we spent our evening at Aker Brygge, the pier in the center, with a glass of beer and a huge portion of prawns. Absolutely delicious!
How are you spending those lovely summer days?

Norwegian prawns
Fresh prawns from the sea

Aker Brygge Oslo



After a month in Oslo I am still busy exploring the city and our district Grünerløkka. There is always something going on and so much to see. A lot of little independent shops, galleries, cafés, bars and international food shops with delicious, exotic goods.
Today it has been pretty grey, so we just did some weekend shopping which always ends up in a little tour through the district with some stops for coffee and food tasting at Mathallen.
Today we discovered a nice little café called Kolonihagen that serves cake, warm food and sell organic groceries. The atmosphere is really cozy thanks to the old wooden walls and furniture that are combined with some modern decoration. Next door you can also find the Kolonihagen restaurant which has a different menu and dinner options with several courses. Definitely something to check out soon!

Kolonihagen in Oslo, Grünerløkka. More stores to be found in Hamar, Tønsberg and Frogner.
Kolonihagen in Oslo, Grünerløkka. More stores to be found in Hamar, Tønsberg and Frogner.

photo 2-2

Cafés in Oslo

Organic food Oslo

A week at home

Two days ago I came back from a week in my hometown Düsseldorf. Was so nice to see all my friends and family again and of course try out some new places to have food and drinks at.

My new favourite café I was introduced to by a friend is definitely Uhlenbusch. After a quiet breakfast there the place was buzzing during lunchtime and I heard that in the evenings dinner is served by a chef who deserves at least one star.

I think Uhlenbusch has the right amount of  “Berlin style” mixed with some really delicious and traditional snacks.

Kaffee Uhlenbusch
Klosterstraße 34
40211 Düsseldorf

Uhlenbusch Düsseldorf
Breakfast at Uhlenbusch

Café Düsseldorf

Tea time

Feeling quite exhausted but so happy after a weekend in at home in Germany.

Was amazing to see my family and best friends, party a bit and have this lovely tea time at my friend’s very stylish place. I like how she combines new and vintage and managed to bake this delicious cake for us in only 30 minutes!

key lime cake
Key Lime cake. Yummy!

tea time


Sushi night

Well, isn’t Sushi always a good idea? And especially since I have moved to Norway I enjoy it even more. Fish is always fresher when you live close to the sea.
My favourite place here is Sabi Sushi and in case you live in Stavanger, Sandnes, Kristiansand, Bryne or Haugesund you have the chance to get your sushi for only 100 NOK. The offer is valid until Sunday.Sabi sushi



Bread & Salt

On my way to a housewarming party. In Germany and some other countries it is an old tradition to give bread and salt to a person that has just moved to a new home.  It comes from back in the days when these two things were the most important basic foods and is supposed to bring sedentary, prosperity and fertility (haha!). I guess today we just do it for good luck and because you can actually make something that simple look really nice.

I like getting my salt and bread gift at delicacy stores where they sell special salt blends and flavoured breads. Nicely wrapped et voilà!

Bread & salt from Oliviers & Co.

Healthy avocado snack

My favourite snack these days is this delicious healthy sandwich.

All you need for it is a slice of rye bread,  1 sliced avocado, cherry tomatoes and if you like, you can top it off with both a tea spoon of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Sprinkle some pepper and sea salt over it and you are done.

This is really easy, absolutely healthy and the best thing is, you won’t be hungry for hours.

Avocado Sandwich

Merry Christmas

Hello everyone!

I hope you guys are having a wonderful Christmas! I spent yesterday with my family in Germany and had an amazing evening with good food and nice presents!

I think as you get older it’s much more about giving gifts rather than receiving them. Don’t you agree?

Merry Christmas and enjoy your holidays

Victoria's Secret
A Victoria’s Secret gift I picked up in Copenhagen
Another gift from Denmark: White chocolate coated Liquorice topped with gold powdee


Healthy apple pancakes

I started my day with a delicious apple pancake. I tried out a healthy low calorie version of pancakes by preparing it without sugar and eggs. You can actually make a good dough with only milk, flour and a tea spoon of honey, just be sure to mix it well. I sliced up a small apple and added the pieces onto the liquid dough in the pan.

Instead of whipped cream I added a light sour cream and topped it off with honey and some walnuts. Delicious!

Healthy pancake


Low calorie pancakes


White chocolate with marshmallows

On autumn days there is nothing better than hot drinks. And why not give some of the old classics an exciting touch by adding your favourite sweets?

In general I always go for white options in the sweet department: White chocolate, white desserts topped with white sauces…you get the idea. And three white ingredients mixed together – you can imagine what joy it brings me ;)

But no matter what sweet preferences you have, I think you will definititely enjoy this one:

Hot chocolate with marschmallow topping
You just have to melt some white chocolate in a pot of hot milk. Pour it into a cup and top with marshmallows. I chose Lindt chocolate with vanilla taste. So delicious!

Hot white chocolate with marshmallows



One Pot Pasta

Today I tried a life-changing new recipe: One Pot Pasta.

Instead of making the sauce in one pot and the pasta in another, you simply mix everything together right from the start and cook until you get a creamy sauce, which takes about 15 minutes. I know 15 minutes sounds kind of shocking if you are like me and love your pasta al dente but the photos on Berries & Passion looked really convincing.

And I can tell you, it is absolutely delicious! I am even thinking about having this dish every night for at least a week, just with different ingredients – and you actually could make it with any kind of meet, fish, seafood and vegetables you have in your fridge.

Tonight I chose this:

One pot pasta
Slice garlic, onions, fresh basil, tomatoes, mozzarella and put it in a pan or pot with spaghetti (You need about 100g per person). Fill the pan with water, add a bit of olive oil as well as a table spoon of tomato puree and season with salt, pepper and half a vegetable stock cube. Boil for about 15 minutes (or until the sauce is creamy) and keep stirring. Meanwhile add a tiny bit of balsamic vinegar and sugar if you like.

one pot pasta


One Pot Pasta
Voilá! This is what it looks like when it’s done. What dou you think? Have you tried One Pot Pasta before, maybe with different ingredients?




Easy dessert for BBQ or oven

Yesterday we probably had the last Barbecue of the year. It was really sunny and warm and so nice to watch the sunset over the sea.

I tried a new dessert which is quick and easy to make on a BBQ or in the oven.

All you need is bananas and some chocolate.

BBQ dessert
Cut open the banana peel and slice the fruit itself into pieces. Take one piece out from the middle to create more space for the chocolate. Put in some chocolate pieces (I used nut and raisin but you can chose any).


Wrap banana into aluminium foil and place upright on the grill or in the oven. Leave for about 10 minutes until the banana is dark on the outside and the chocolate is melted. It’s best to eat these with big spoon.

Healthy dessert: Frozen yoghurt with cranberries

This summer I have become addicted to frozen yoghurt. And it’s easy to make it at home.

For this version all you need is this:

Fresh cranberries


frozen yoghurt
Vanilla yoghurt


white chocolate
White chocolate


Frozen yoghurt
After filling vanilla yoghurt into a bowl, top it with some cranberries and put in the freezer for 1.5 to 2 hours. Sprinkle some grated white chocolate over it and enjoy!

Happy weekend

It doesn’t happen very often but today I was up so early that I could watch the sunrise. Had breakfast outside and watched the beautiful colours on the sky.

My today’s breakfast consisted of vanilla yoghurt, musli, banana slices and frozen berries.

Now it’s raining unfortunately. I guess I will curl up on the sofa and watch my favourite programmes.

What are you up to today? Have a lovely weekend everyone! x

Heakthy breakfast: Vanilla yoghurt, musli and fruit
Heakthy breakfast: Vanilla yoghurt, musli and fruit

photo 1(1) copy


Healthy breakfast: Berry Banana Smoothie

All you need for this healthy breakfast smoothie are berries, bananas, vanilla yoghurt and some apple juice. Mix everything in a blender… et voilá!

Frozen Berries and banana
Smoothie mix: Frozen berries and banana (I find it works best if you defrost them for about half an hour in order to create a smooth puree in the blender)
Vanilla yoghurt
Vanilla yoghurt (find the right amount based on how creamy you want your smoothie to be)
Add some apple juice to make the smoothie more liquid.
Add some apple juice to make the smoothie more liquid.
Berry Banana Smoothie
Berry Banana Smoothie



Au revoir tristesse

What do you do when you finish dinner and realise that you don’t have any dessert in the house? I just had to go to the supermarket around the corner and get some sweets. The Norwegians call it Smågodt, the Germans gemischte Tüte and the English Pick & Mix. You chose your own sweets and put them in an old-fashioned little bag. I love this!

On the way to get candy
Was nice to take a little walk along the lake
Was nice to take a little walk along the lake
Au revoir tristesse - Top by Gina Tricot
Au revoir tristesse – Top by Gina Tricot
My favourite dessert these days: Smågodt
My favourite dessert these days: Smågodt

Brunch and interior design

Yet another thing I love about Norway is how much attention they pay to details here. Every café has its own style and special decoration.

Today we had brunch at Ostehuset. Not only do they serve amazing fresh food, but you can buy lots of different home decor things.

Cups, plates and glasses


Porcelain dishes

Last night’s dinner: Bacalao

Yesterday I had the most delicious dinner. Bacalao means cod in Spanish, but is also the name of a dish brought over by the Spanish and Portuguese many years ago to Norway. It is quite common to find this rich, spicy mediterranean dish in Arctic Norway, where you find the best dried cod in the world. It was only recently that I had it for the first time and I absolutely love it. It’s a tomato based fish stew made with dried cod.

All ingredients in the pan before cooking
All ingredients in the pan before cooking

Ingredients for 2 people:

  • 300 g dried cod fish (soaked up in a bowl full of water for one night)
  • 1/4 to 1/2 a chilli
  • 1 medium sized onion
  • 3 tbs tomato puree
  • 1 can of chopped tomatoes
  • 100 g halved cherry tomatoes
  • half a glass of green olives
  • 2 big potatoes, sliced
  • fresh basil
  • parsley
  • oregano
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • salt
  • pepper

The dried cod (klipp fisk) should be cut into large chunks and placed in a large bowl of fresh water for 24 hours prior to cooking, changing the water a few times during this process.

Mix together the garlic, chery tomatoes, canned tomatoes, chilli, oregano, basil, parsley, olives, tomato puree in a large, heavy based pan. Add half a cup of water and bring to the boil and simmer for 15 minutes. Season with pepper only (as the fish will bring plenty salt). Reduce to a low heat and then layer on the fish, onions (1 cm thick slices) and potatoes (1 cm thick slices). These should be sitting in 3 layers on top of the tomato base. Let it simmer in the covered pan for about an hour, giving the pan a gentle shake every now and then to prevent sticking and allow the dish to be kept in layers. The dish is ready when the potatoes are soft.


You can top the dish with some basil leaves and serve on a soup plate.


Healthy BBQ: Grilled salmon on cedar wood

The best thing about the Norwegian summer is that the days are so long. After being on the beach morning to evening, it is still so light outside that no one feels like heading back home. A common thing to do here are barbecues, be it in public places or at home. We chose home tonight and tried out a new recipe.

Salmon on the grill
Salmon on the grill

Who says Barbecues have to be nothing more than fatty meat? Especially when you live right by the sea and can have fresh fish at all times. We grilled a big piece of salmon filet on a flat piece of cedar wood. It gives the fish the best taste you can imagine without adding any butter or oil.


This is what you need:

  • Salmon filet
  • cedar wood (available in any store that has grill eqipment)
  • lemon
  • salt
  • pepper

Put the salmon on a big piece of cedar wood that has been soaked in salted water for at least an hour.  Cut the lemon into slices and place them on the salmon so that the whole fish is covered. Add salt and pepper. Put the fish and the cedar wood on the barbecue and grill it for about 15 minutes.

But not only did we have a delicious dinner, we also had the best sea view :)

Our view during the BBQ
Our view during the BBQ