An evening by the fjord

So nice to spend those long Norwegian evenings by the sea. Finally summer is here and everyone is outside enjoying the good weather. The sun sets really late these days and even when it does the sky still  is never completely black.
Yesterday we spent our evening at Aker Brygge, the pier in the center, with a glass of beer and a huge portion of prawns. Absolutely delicious!
How are you spending those lovely summer days?

Norwegian prawns
Fresh prawns from the sea

Aker Brygge Oslo


Quick stop in London

A lot of exciting stuff happening at the moment: Last week we prepared for our move to Oslo and now we are on our way there.

But in between we had a stop in London for a wedding. It has been an amazing weekend with lots of sun, a good party and little sleep ;)

Now we have almost arrived in our new home. Can’t wait to unpack all the boxes and start decorating tomorrow! What did you get up to this weekend?

Wedding London
Dress: Vero Moda / Shoes: Tamaris

Spring is here

Finally it is getting warmer here in Norway and the sun doesn’t set before 9.30 p.m.
Life seems to be easier at once – everyone is spending time outside and all the cafés and bars by the waterfront are crowded.
Of course it was time for our first BBQ on the beach this week. It was still a bit chilly, but at least we had this amazing view:

Beaches in Norway
Sola Beach, Stavanger

BBQ on the beach

Sunset by the sea

Coffee break

I know I haven’t posted much in the last few weeks but am determined to do so more frequently again from now on. So today I went to see my friend Theresia for some coffee and chiz-chat in her amazingly stylish studio. She took a few photos of me and some new fashion items I’ve been meaning to show you guys for ages. The photos are coming up tomorrow – meanwhile have a look at this beautiful photo studio that always inspires me to take a few pictures myself.



Christmas in Germany

Today will be my last night here in Düsseldorf and I will spend it with some friends at a Tapas bar.

I had such an amazing time here at home!

Spent time with friends in front of their fireplace…
Si Armani
Got some of my favourite beauty products for Christmas
Town hall
Had mulled wine at the Christmas market (although this photo was taken after they had closed down already)

Tomorrow I will be off to England to celebrate New Year’s in Cornwall!

How was your Christmas? I hope you had a great time! xx





Christmas vibe

Although this year there is no snow, no Christmas markets like back at home and not even cold weather, I am starting to feel a lot like Christmas.

Decoration and lights are a

ll around, cafés look cozier than ever and it’s nice to browse shops for Christmas gifts.

Now I am off to a party with traditional British Christmas food. Anyone tried mince pies before? :D

Christmas feeling at café Ostehuset

christmas decoration




One of the most exciting things in December for me is opening my Advent calendar every day. So much more fun to wake up when there is something to look forward to.

Today I got a Christmas coffee blend with honey, raisins, fruit and nuts. So delicious!

Do you have a calendar too? Or did you give one to a special someone?


Christmas blend
Christmas coffee


Advent calendar


Christmas Lights

It’s nice to stay in sometimes, especially during winter time. The first Christmas lights are up and we have been watching some classic movies. Has anyone seen “The 7 Year Itch” with Marilyn Monroe? I love all her films!

What did you get up to? Hope everyone is having an amazing Friday night!

christmas lights


How to make the most of autumn

Incense sticks

1 / Get cozy! Light up some incense sticks or scented candles, sit on a fur rug and enjoy a hot cup of tea! When it’s dark and grey outside, it’s more important than ever to be in nice and cozy surroundings.


Criminal novel

2 / Read a good book! I think we all have a book on the shelf that we wanted to read all summer but were too busy because of the good weather outside. Now is the perfect time for a good thriller by the fireplace.


Wellington boots

3 / Get out there! As nice as it is to cozy up at home… Try to catch every sun ray you can get. Daylight makes your body produce vitamin D and keeps you in a good mood.



4 / Eat your vitamins! To keep your strength up in that cold wind outside, be sure to boost your immune system with some healthy food.


Gilmore Girls

5 / Revive your DVD collection! Remember that one series you always used to watch back at school? Dig out your old DVDs and enjoy your evenings with some classics!

What are your favourite autumn activities?



Why autumn is the perfect beach season

My favourite season has always been summer but then there is something about autumn that makes everything look more beautiful. I like the orange leaves and the golden light when the sun sets in the evening. Now is the best time to take long walks and inhale the fresh air before it gets really freezing and dark. The best place to be is the beach around this time, especially in good weather conditions.

Beach walk

But why is this season such a good time for long beach walks?

1. Healing powers of sea air:
If you look back in time, you can see that doctors have been prescribing patients trips to health resorts by the sea for centuries.    So there must be something curing in the air around the sea. It might be the sea salt or simply the fact that being on a beautiful beach makes you happy and therefore feel better in general.

2. Boost your immune system:
Especially during this season the strong wind, salty air and the sun still being around for several hours per day, is a challenge for the body. Your immune system is growing stronger in these conditions – and in almost non-polluted sorrundings.

3. Sun equals Vitamin D
Being in the sun a lot makes your body produce vitamn D, which is said to keep you in a good mood and make your bones stay strong and healthy. Usually we lack Vitamin D in winter and that can make you feel depressed and tired. So we better soak up the sun for as long as we can before the dark season comes around.

Beach in autumn



Eau de Parfum Intense

“Si” has been my favourite perfume for a while now. After using the Eau de Parfum for several months I have now discovered the Eau de Parfum Intense version.

The scent lasts much longer and is still noticable after many hours. Actually there are quite a few fragrances that come in an intense version. So if you can find it for your go to fragrance, I recommend you go for it. It’s a little more expensive but definitely worth it, as a little goes a long way.

Have you tried “Si” by Armani yet? What is your favourite perfume?

Si by Giorgio Armani
Si by Giorgio Armani


Si by Giorgio Armani
Eau de Parfum Intense

My favourite online shopping sites

1. H&M


I think most online orders I make are from H&M. In my opinion they just have the biggest variety of clothes. Work, party, sports, beach – you can find something for any occasion.


2. Asos

Asos is my favourite online shop when I look for something really laid back and cool or a dress for very special occasions. For some reason it’s never anything in between for me although I know they have a lot different stuff in many different styles.


3. Nelly

I like Nelly because they have so many amazing brands I can’t get in the shops in Germany and/or Norway: Hunkydory, Hunkemöller…just to name a few. Oh, and they also sell make-up and cosmetics which is always a plus.


4. Conleys

Conleys is not the cheapest store but it definitely has a very fine selection of brands. Just flipping through the catalogue (which you can order for free by the way) makes me happy :) Conleys is a German online store, but they ship to other European countries as well.


5. Victoria’s Secret

It was only recently that I discovered the Victoria’s Secret online store. Gone are the days I could only shop there when going abroad :D


Where do you do your online shopping? What are your favourite stores?


There is nothing better than relaxing with a magazine and a cup of tea.

Getting inspired for fall by “Costume” with their special edition and drinking Whittard tea. Have you ever tried it? I always stock up on different blends at Fortnum & Mason when I’m in London. I just love their oldfashioned tins and caddies.





Because nature inspires

I love Scandinavian style when it comes to decoration – cause it’s so simple and minimalistic. Even better if it’s made of recycled materials and fair trade at the same time.

The “Oohh – Because Nature Inspires” collection by the Danish company Lübech Living is made by women from Sri Lanka who work from home, so they can take of their children.

I got this creased alu pot today. Isn’t it pretty?

Creased Alu pot
Creased Alu pot
Oohh Collection


Fair trade, Scandinavian Style
Oohh Collection by Lübech Living


Autumn inspiration

I love flipping through catalogues, it feels kind of oldschool. So cool that H&M actually send catalogues to all their online costumers.

Autumn is close, so it was perfect timing for some next season inspiration.

Getting inspired for next season. Autumn fashion at H&M
Getting inspired for next season. Autumn fashion at H&M
I love their jersey basics cause it's so easy to mix and match with H&M T-Shirts.
I love their jersey basics cause it’s so easy to mix and match with H&M T-Shirts.
Another favourite: A leather biker jacket. Timeless and combinable with any outfit.
Another favourite: A leather biker jacket. Timeless and combinable with any outfit.
One of next season's must-haves for me: A straight-cut loose textured coat.
One of next season’s must-haves for me: A straight-cut loose textured coat.


Sephora Puerto Banus

Yesterday we had dinner and drinks in Puerto Banus, a beautiful little town near Marbella with an amazing marina. I did some shopping at Sephora. I get so excited about this store cause we don’t have it in Germany or Norway. Will show you what I bought back at home. Now getting ready for our last night here.

At the marina in Puerto Banus
At the marina in Puerto Banus
Shopping at Sephora
Shopping at Sephora


Hawaiian Tropic bodylotion

Have you ever heard about Hawaiian Tropic? I seriously don’t know how I could live without this stuff until now. They make sun protection and After Sun products. They smell amazing and leave your skin very soft.

Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect sun lotion SPF 25 and After Sun with Coconut smell
Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect sun lotion SPF 25 and After Sun Body Butter with Coconut smell