Red lips

Last week I took a little photo tour with the amazing photgrapher Theresia Pauls. Having some red on me that day, she matched me with the perfect lip colour by Dior.

I have always been a fan of their lipsticks and glosses but was kind of hesitant to use orange undertones. I thought this colour would go much better with dark hair but I quite liked this one. This bold look is something that I probably wouldn’t normally wear for daytime but it’s perfect for a night out.

The rest of Theresia’s photos are coming soon! Meanwhile you can check her out and book her via

Red lips
Lipstick: Rouge Dior in 999 Ara Red


The most southern point of Norway

Last weekend I had an amazing time on a cabin trip to the most southern point of Norway, Lindesnes , where you get the most beautiful view. At this spot Norway’s first lighthouse was lit in 1665. The lighthouse that you see in the pictures was built in 1915 and you can walk all the way up there to have a view of the whole area.

The name Lindesnes is Old Norwegian and means “Where the land sinks into the sea” and on stormy autumn days it actually looks like that because of the high waves.

Lighthouse Lindesnes
Lighthouse Lindesnes


Viewpoint with a magnifying glass
Viewpoint with a magnifying glass


photo 3(1) copy


Museum in Lindesnes
Museum in Lindesnes
evening at the cabin
And…Cozy evening at the cabin :)

Why autumn is the perfect beach season

My favourite season has always been summer but then there is something about autumn that makes everything look more beautiful. I like the orange leaves and the golden light when the sun sets in the evening. Now is the best time to take long walks and inhale the fresh air before it gets really freezing and dark. The best place to be is the beach around this time, especially in good weather conditions.

Beach walk

But why is this season such a good time for long beach walks?

1. Healing powers of sea air:
If you look back in time, you can see that doctors have been prescribing patients trips to health resorts by the sea for centuries.    So there must be something curing in the air around the sea. It might be the sea salt or simply the fact that being on a beautiful beach makes you happy and therefore feel better in general.

2. Boost your immune system:
Especially during this season the strong wind, salty air and the sun still being around for several hours per day, is a challenge for the body. Your immune system is growing stronger in these conditions – and in almost non-polluted sorrundings.

3. Sun equals Vitamin D
Being in the sun a lot makes your body produce vitamn D, which is said to keep you in a good mood and make your bones stay strong and healthy. Usually we lack Vitamin D in winter and that can make you feel depressed and tired. So we better soak up the sun for as long as we can before the dark season comes around.

Beach in autumn



Stavanger Streetart Pt. 1: Geopark

Since there is a lot of amazing graffiti in Stavanger I thought I’d do a post with some pictures to show you guys. I started with a place called Geopark, located outside the city’s oil museum.

It’s a playground made of  resources from the offshore oil industry and is a project by Helen & Hard  build in 2008. All objects are decorated with graffiti. I think it looks so cool!

Graffiti at Geopark next to the oil museum in Stavanger, Norway


All materials come from the offshore oil industry
Graffiti with a sea view


Sorry guys! I cropped out all the parts that show it actually is a playground cause obviously I don’t want to upload photos of stranger’s kids without asking


Why Norway doesn’t need Starbucks

All you need is love… and a good cup of coffee. This is what it said on one of the blackboards at Steamkaffebar where I had an Iced Café Latte today. I have always wondered why there is no Starbucks in Norway but now I know. It’s these little cafés that make it absolutely unnecesary. Scroll down and see for yourself…

Iced café latte
Iced café latte


I love the decoration in Norwegian cafés
I love the decoration in Norwegian cafés
Candles and magazines
Candles and magazines

Brunch and interior design

Yet another thing I love about Norway is how much attention they pay to details here. Every café has its own style and special decoration.

Today we had brunch at Ostehuset. Not only do they serve amazing fresh food, but you can buy lots of different home decor things.

Cups, plates and glasses


Porcelain dishes