Marina Miracle for men

Let’s be honest here – most guys are not too much into skincare. And my boyfriend is not any different. But when I told him he could test the Marina Miracle range for men, he was up for it right away. Probably because he had heard me rave about her products for weeks.
And guess what: Suddenly I saw him coming out of the bathroom with a big smile every day, proudly patting his face. And here is what he thought about the products. (Oh yes, Marina Miracle does work miracle for men as well!)

Marina Miracle
Marina Miracle for men

The Marina Miracle for men daytime 100% Natural Active Face Oil gives you a refreshing feeling for the day ahead and leaves you feeling energized. It keeps your skin moisturized all day without feeling oily as it soaks in very quickly.

The Marina Miracle for men night time 100% Natural Reload Night Serum has a soothing fragrance which will give you a good night’s sleep and it is just as mousturizing. It leaves the skin feeling really soft.




  1. Haha guys can be so weird about using skin care products, but once you finally get them to they always seem to love it! Great post :)

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