One Pot Pasta

Today I tried a life-changing new recipe: One Pot Pasta.

Instead of making the sauce in one pot and the pasta in another, you simply mix everything together right from the start and cook until you get a creamy sauce, which takes about 15 minutes. I know 15 minutes sounds kind of shocking if you are like me and love your pasta al dente but the photos on Berries & Passion looked really convincing.

And I can tell you, it is absolutely delicious! I am even thinking about having this dish every night for at least a week, just with different ingredients – and you actually could make it with any kind of meet, fish, seafood and vegetables you have in your fridge.

Tonight I chose this:

One pot pasta
Slice garlic, onions, fresh basil, tomatoes, mozzarella and put it in a pan or pot with spaghetti (You need about 100g per person). Fill the pan with water, add a bit of olive oil as well as a table spoon of tomato puree and season with salt, pepper and half a vegetable stock cube. Boil for about 15 minutes (or until the sauce is creamy) and keep stirring. Meanwhile add a tiny bit of balsamic vinegar and sugar if you like.

one pot pasta


One Pot Pasta
Voilá! This is what it looks like when it’s done. What dou you think? Have you tried One Pot Pasta before, maybe with different ingredients?





  1. Well this has changed my life, the less to wash up the better! :) Definitely trying this one out tomorrow and that sauce looks so yummy ;)

    • Bettysays:

      Good point, hadn’t thought about ;) It’s definitely worth trying. Let me know how you liked it! xx

  2. ruzsays:

    i will try it right now…homeoffice-ing wondering what to eat, and viola. thx betty :)

    • Bettysays:

      You should definitely try, it’s so delicious! Oh, and thanks for sharing, Ruz :)

      • ruzsays:

        Just finished cooking. Looks good. taste good. The tricky part is just the amount of water :)

        • Bettysays:

          I know. And to keep your pasta al dente at the same time! Going to practice this all week with different ingredients. Tonight I’m going to try a creamy chicken and spinach sauce. Lass es Dir schmecken :)

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