A week at home

Two days ago I came back from a week in my hometown Düsseldorf. Was so nice to see all my friends and family again and of course try out some new places to have food and drinks at.

My new favourite café I was introduced to by a friend is definitely Uhlenbusch. After a quiet breakfast there the place was buzzing during lunchtime and I heard that in the evenings dinner is served by a chef who deserves at least one star.

I think Uhlenbusch has the right amount of  “Berlin style” mixed with some really delicious and traditional snacks.

Kaffee Uhlenbusch
Klosterstraße 34
40211 Düsseldorf

Uhlenbusch Düsseldorf
Breakfast at Uhlenbusch

Café Düsseldorf

Healthy breakfast: Berry Banana Smoothie

All you need for this healthy breakfast smoothie are berries, bananas, vanilla yoghurt and some apple juice. Mix everything in a blender… et voilá!

Frozen Berries and banana
Smoothie mix: Frozen berries and banana (I find it works best if you defrost them for about half an hour in order to create a smooth puree in the blender)
Vanilla yoghurt
Vanilla yoghurt (find the right amount based on how creamy you want your smoothie to be)
Add some apple juice to make the smoothie more liquid.
Add some apple juice to make the smoothie more liquid.
Berry Banana Smoothie
Berry Banana Smoothie