Rainy weekend

Another week begins after an amazing weekend with one of my best friends from Germany. And I wonder if it will ever stop raining again. The good thing about this weather is that you can do all the cozy stuff, like having tea at cafés or watching the big waves while walking along the coast.

I think the moment these pictures were taken was the only minute without rain during this entire weekend.

Leggings: Calzedonia / Boots: Din Sko / Leather jacket: Zara / Scarf: Zara

Calzedonia, Autumn in Norway




Stavanger Streetart Pt. 1: Geopark

Since there is a lot of amazing graffiti in Stavanger I thought I’d do a post with some pictures to show you guys. I started with a place called Geopark, located outside the city’s oil museum.

It’s a playground made of  resources from the offshore oil industry and is a project by Helen & Hard  build in 2008. All objects are decorated with graffiti. I think it looks so cool!

Graffiti at Geopark next to the oil museum in Stavanger, Norway


All materials come from the offshore oil industry
Graffiti with a sea view


Sorry guys! I cropped out all the parts that show it actually is a playground cause obviously I don’t want to upload photos of stranger’s kids without asking