Hello from Oslo

Just a quick hello from Oslo! We moved here almost 3 weeks ago and have been pretty busy decorating and unpacking. Now almost everything is done and I will have more time to post again.

We absolutely love Oslo and especially our district so far. Tomorrow I will experience my first Norwegian National Day. Can’t wait!


Tea candles
Always the first thing for me when decorating: Candles :) Will show you more of the new place soon!

Coffee break

I know I haven’t posted much in the last few weeks but am determined to do so more frequently again from now on. So today I went to see my friend Theresia for some coffee and chiz-chat in her amazingly stylish studio. She took a few photos of me and some new fashion items I’ve been meaning to show you guys for ages. The photos are coming up tomorrow – meanwhile have a look at this beautiful photo studio that always inspires me to take a few pictures myself.



Tea time

Feeling quite exhausted but so happy after a weekend in at home in Germany.

Was amazing to see my family and best friends, party a bit and have this lovely tea time at my friend’s very stylish place. I like how she combines new and vintage and managed to bake this delicious cake for us in only 30 minutes!

key lime cake
Key Lime cake. Yummy!

tea time


House hunting in Oslo

It is official: Me and my boyfriend will be moving to Oslo this Spring. I am so excited! Yesterday we looked at some flats and they were absolutely amazing. There are many old buildings with a lot of character in Oslo and the Norwegians are very good at making you feel at home during open house viewings, including perfect decoration and cinnamon snails ;)




A little bit of Spring

…at least in our flat. Outside there was a Hurricane yesterday, so bad that people were advised to stay at home.

Makes it even nicer to have a

spring flower inside that is about to bloom. I got it from my boyfriend and I don’t even know what kind of plant it is…hopefully something with colourful petals!



Christmas tree

The tree is up and decorated. Can’t believe Christmas is in two weeks and the year is almost over. For the first time in 5 months I will be going home to Germany and I can’t wait to see friends and family and drink “Glühwein” at the Christmas market.

What are your plans for the holidays? Have you decorated the tree yet?

Christmas decoration

Christmas tree

Christmas tree decoration

Christmas tree balls

Danish Design by LIND DNA

Last weekend I picked up yet another beautiful Danish Design home decor accessory. Or better: It was four them. Coasters made of optimized recycled leather by LIND DNA.

They came in this case with a little introduction of the company (read below). Pretty cool, I think!


lind dna

lind dna

lind dna
Leather coasters



How to always find your keys

When I was still living in my place in Germany, I would just leave my key in the front door whenever I came home. Because of that I always knew where my keys were and I never forgot them when I left the house.

This little trick doesn’t work with only one door lock and two people in the house. Ever since I moved in with my boyfriend in Norway, we both kept our keys in different places each day and sometimes couldn’t find them.

There is a perfect solution that looks pretty as well. The Duo Sparrow Key Ring by Qualy. Keep them on the wall close to the door and put your key in when you step in.

Do you have any tricks to find your key? Where do you keep yours?

Duo Sparrow Key Ring by Qualy with an included whistle ;)

Bird key holders


My favourite decoration: Candles

If you moved to another country and could only take one decoration article with you, what would it be? For me it was candle holders. I actually took more than just one with me, but considering that my old place in Germany was full of stuff it is not really much, is it?

I think candles create such a cozy atmosphere and can make almost any room look nice.

Vanilla scented candle by Carthusia. It was a present bought at Pafümerie Schnitzler in Düsseldorf
Vanilla scented candle by Carthusia. It was a present bought at Pafümerie Schnitzler in Düsseldorf, Germany
Handmade candle holders by MeL.
Handmade candle holders by MeL
Some candleholders my boyfriend got for our balcony. Available at Åhlens in Norway
Some candleholders for the balcony. Available at Åhlens in Norway




Why Norway doesn’t need Starbucks

All you need is love… and a good cup of coffee. This is what it said on one of the blackboards at Steamkaffebar where I had an Iced Café Latte today. I have always wondered why there is no Starbucks in Norway but now I know. It’s these little cafés that make it absolutely unnecesary. Scroll down and see for yourself…

Iced café latte
Iced café latte


I love the decoration in Norwegian cafés
I love the decoration in Norwegian cafés
Candles and magazines
Candles and magazines

Brunch and interior design

Yet another thing I love about Norway is how much attention they pay to details here. Every café has its own style and special decoration.

Today we had brunch at Ostehuset. Not only do they serve amazing fresh food, but you can buy lots of different home decor things.

Cups, plates and glasses


Porcelain dishes