Hitchcock movie style icons (or why the 50s are back)

I have always been a fan of old movies. And some weeks ago when we couldn’t decide what to watch, Hitchcock came up as an idea.
And don’t we all like his work: The Birds, Vertigo and Psycho are absolute classics. Blonde women with red lips and overly bold eyebrows fainting dramatically when presented to unspeakable horror. You got to love the 1950s!
But wait – does that really sound so old-fashioned? Alright, no one really faints anymore but the style of these ladies? I think make-up wise….the 50s are totally back!
Look at these female leads from Hitchcock classics and see for yourself!

Eva Marie Saint actress
Eva Marie Saint
Grace Kelly style icon
Grace Kelly
Kim Novak Vertigo
Kim Novak
Janet Leigh Psycho
Janet Leigh
Tippi Hedren