How to make the most of autumn

Incense sticks

1 / Get cozy! Light up some incense sticks or scented candles, sit on a fur rug and enjoy a hot cup of tea! When it’s dark and grey outside, it’s more important than ever to be in nice and cozy surroundings.


Criminal novel

2 / Read a good book! I think we all have a book on the shelf that we wanted to read all summer but were too busy because of the good weather outside. Now is the perfect time for a good thriller by the fireplace.


Wellington boots

3 / Get out there! As nice as it is to cozy up at home… Try to catch every sun ray you can get. Daylight makes your body produce vitamin D and keeps you in a good mood.



4 / Eat your vitamins! To keep your strength up in that cold wind outside, be sure to boost your immune system with some healthy food.


Gilmore Girls

5 / Revive your DVD collection! Remember that one series you always used to watch back at school? Dig out your old DVDs and enjoy your evenings with some classics!

What are your favourite autumn activities?