Hello Cornwall

It’s our third day here in Cornwall and it has been absolutely beautiful. The weather is amazing and so is the view from the house we are staying in with some friends.

After a boat trip to Falmouth we will be back in St Mawes tonight to celebrate New Year’s. We haven’t planned too much. We will just cook dinner, have drinks, and play some games. Sometimes it’s those chilled out New Year’s Eves that are the best.

What have you guys got planned for tonight?

Cornwall St Mawes





Sunset lovers

Hanging out on balconies with beautiful views seems to become a tradition. After having dinner in town we had drinks on our friends’ balcony, watched the sunset and the thunderstorm that approached later. I still haven’t got used to living right by the sea but of course I absolutely love it.



Drinks with a sea view
Drinks with a sea view



Lovely view and lovely people
Lovely view and lovely people